Acrylic on canvas original
40 x 30″.  SOLD 2014

Giclée signed open edition
24 x 20″ acid free paper, image 20 x 15″.  $200.00

Mini open edition
40 x 30 inches. $30.00

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Turtle • Mishiike

Represents to our people the Mother Earth we stand upon, sustaining us with constancy, resiliency and generosity. We are cared for by our Earth Mother with her blessings of food, clothing, shelter, and medicine. Turtle said “with the help of the Great Spirit we can make a new land for the Anishinabek.” Muskrat placed the earth on the center of Turtle’s back and the winds blew from the four directions. As the winds blew, they became stronger and the small ball of earth on the Turtle’s back began to grow and it formed an island in the water. The winds did not subside for days and the island got bigger and bigger, yet Turtle still held the new land, the young earth, on it’s back.

Turtle • Mishiike