Acrylic on canvas original
40 x 30″.  SOLD

Giclée signed open edition
24 x 20″ acid free paper, image 20 x 15″.  $200.00

Mini open edition
8 x 10 inches. $30.00

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Sky Woman • Geezhigo-Quae

Disaster fell upon the world. Great clouds formed in the sky and spilled water onto the earth until the mountain tops were covered. High in the heavens there lived a woman, a spirit. Without a companion she grew despondent. The water creatures observed what was happening in the heavens, sensed the weariness of the spirit woman, and persuaded a giant turtle to rise to the surface of the waters and offer his back as a haven. Sky woman is grateful, accepts the invitation and requests soil from the bottom of the sea. With a small morsel of sand she paints the the rim of the turtles back. She breathes the breath of life, abundance, and growth into the soil and infuses the soil with the attributes of womanhood and motherhood. She gave birth to twins whose descendants took the name Anishinaubaek (“Good Beings”).