Acrylic on canvas original
40 x 16″.  SOLD 2012

Giclée signed open edition
24 x 20″ acid free paper, image 20 x 15″.  $200.00

Mini open edition
4 x 10 inches. $50.00

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Great Lynx • Mishipeshu

Mishipeshu or Mishipizheu which translates as ,Great Lynx, is a horned underwater panther, the most powerful of the Underworld beings and often associated with copper. Mishipeshu live in the deepest parts of lakes and rivers, where they can cause storms and whirlpools with a whip of the tail. While not strictly evil, Mishipeshu are greatly feared, and said to cause drowning deaths. The Anishinaabe would pray to Mishipizheu before heading out on long journeys,so to be safe, always give thanks before crossing over water.