Acrylic on canvas original
40″ x 30″.  SOLD

Giclée signed print open edition
24″ x 20″ acid free paper, image size 20″ x 15″.  $200.00

Mini print open edition 
8″ x 10″ paper, image size 6″ x 8″. $30.00

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Marten Hide • Waabizheshiwayaan 

The Marten clan were hunters, food gatherers and warriors. When the Maandawe were defeated in a major battle between the Ojibwe and the Meshkwahkihaki peoples, the surviving Maandawe were adopted as part of the Ojibwa nation, but instead as the Waabizheshi-doodem (“Marten clan”). Among some Ojibwe people, (though not all) the Waabizheshi clan is also used to denote a form of adoption, i.e., a non-native father and Ojibwe mother.

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